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Florida Man Says His Party Doesn’t Need Women Voters

With the caption on Newsmax reading, “Trump surging in polls despite legal battles,” Florida Republican Matt Gaetz offered a weird take on women voters with the 2024 Presidential election just around the corner. Gaetz basically said, ‘Women, shwomen, we don’t need ’em!’ even though women have registered and voted at higher rates than men in every presidential election since 1980.

“And what I can tell you is like, for every Karen we lose, there’s a Julio and a Jamal ready to sign up for the MAGA movement,” Gaetz said out loud. “And that abodes well for our ability to be more diverse and to be more durable as we head into.”

I’m not sure how that makes his party more diverse, but I guess his nod to male voters with Latino names has something to do with that. However, throwing out the name Jamaal is confusing. Is the saying that Republicans have the Black vote? I sincerely don’t know what the hell that weirdo is saying.

What I do get is that Gaetz isn’t worried about women voters while, at the same time, his party is robbing us of our bodily autonomy. And he knows that, too. In 2016, I honestly didn’t think that the pussy grabber would win, especially after the Hollywood Access tape was released. The morning after everyone cast their ballots was a shock.

How in the hell are there so many shitty people in this country? And now we know that there isn’t a low that Trump won’t stoop to. That’s why the twice-impeached, multiply-charged one-term President is taking credit for Republicans rushing in to attempt straight-up abortion bans after he messed with Roe. And good on him. I’m glad that he’s admitting it, even though everyone else in his party is uneasy with the response to news of Republicans wanting to force a 10-year-old rape victim being forced to give birth.

Republicans should take Gaetz’s lead. What do you need us for? We’re just the ‘fairer’ sex, after all. We have nothing to offer except for birthing babies. Keep that shit up, you absolute walnut.


January 2024