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Crystal Finally Earns Her Diamond on the Latest ‘RHOBH’

Monumental things are happening in Beverly Hills. Under the umbrella of Dorit’s Homeless Not Toothless gala, the women let loose this week, as Crystal finally found her voice in the presence of Paula Abdul. Maybe, we’ve found our new American Idol.

This week’s Season 4 fame) accusing Ramona and Sonja of stealing her hangers.

The ladies hit pause so they can honor the homeless not toothless, Priorities, of course. Erika greets an elderly woman whose chyron identifies her as “Pink Lady” and they snap a photo with Garcelle. I’m not really sure who she is or what her story is, but I’d like Bravo to give her a diamond so we can figure it out. She’s certainly more of a presence on screen than Annemarie.

Next, Paula Abdul enters the fray. It’s so wonderfully campy to have Paula presenting; I have to give Dorit props. She knew her audience. Paula introduces singer Taylor Dayne, who bursts into theatrical singing as I burst into laughter.

I’m so sorry Taylor Dayne, I have no idea who you are. But the way these women talk about her, you’d think she’s Céline Dion. Is this my Reneé Rapp not knowing Kylie Minogue moment, or is the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills gaslighting us by pretending she’s a star? I’m really not sure, but I’m calling into doubt Erika’s claim Ms. Dayne is “one of the strongest voices alive.”

Please don’t come for me Dayneamites; Annemarie doesn’t know her either!

As the women sit for dinner, Sutton extends an olive branch to Annemarie, hoping to make peace before the cast trip to Barcelona. Exhibiting some awful housewives instincts, Annemarie brushes her off. But after a talk with Kyle—and probably a producer—Annemarie calls Sutton before the trip.

The two finally bury the hatchet, but the drama is far from over. A flash-forward to the Barcelona trip shows the women learning their vacation home is haunted, before Annemarie’s feud with Crystal hits the fan.

Next week, we find out if Crystal told Annemarie the group are “not intelligent” and “very shallow.” I certainly hope she did, but either way, someone will emerge from the next episode a villainess. Until then, let’s all stream the legendary Taylor Dayne’s music as we wait.


January 2024