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Timothée Reportedly Met Kylie’s Kids as ‘Mommy’s Friend’

Rumors that actor Timothée Chalamet and makeup mogul Kylie Jenner had begun dating seemed absurd when they first arose last April. But now, after months of consistent hangs and a very public appearance together at the Golden Globes, the pair are reportedly quite serious—albeit with some guardrails in place.

According to Us Weekly, Chalamet has met the two young children Jenner shares with her ex, rapper Travis Scott, having been introduced to them “in group situations where there were other family members or friends around,” per a source.

However, despite Chalamet and Jenner’s months-long courtship, there has never been a situation “where it’s just Kylie, Timothée and the kids in an intimate setting,” Us Weekly’s source claims. “And she introduced him as one of Mommy’s friends. Kylie feels like it’s [still] too soon to let them know anything about their relationship.”

Given that Jenner’s children are still so young—her daughter, Stormi, turns 6 in February and her son, Aire, is almost 2—that’s perhaps not surprising. But the source’s claims do reveal some insight into Jenner’s mindset as a single mother of two. Meanwhile, Scott, the source added to Us Weekly, “doesn’t have a strong opinion on Kylie’s relationship. He’s dating a lot of women at the moment.”

If that’s true, Scott is about the only person not weighing in on the superstar couple. After the Golden Globes earlier this month, the internet was flooded with rumors about how a territorial Jenner had allegedly dismissed Selena Gomez when she approached Chalamet for a photo, prompting almost everyone involved to deny that anything had happened.


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