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Morning Joe Cracks Up Over Ben Carson Comparing Trump To King David

Morning Joe’s panel lost it over Ben Carson’s praise of Trump, comparing him to the biblical King David.

“This God thing that Donald Trump is pushing, right, it plays for the cult, but you don’t win in Wisconsin and Michigan, and Pennsylvania, and Georgia, playing to the cult,” Joe Scarborough said.

“And he’s got Ben Carson out there, you know, comparing him to the second coming of Jesus, too. Like, Alex, do we have the Ben Carson thing, where he just compared him to King David, a man after God’s own heart. Play it.”

BEN CARSON: Well, you know, you think about the Bible and King David. Most of those people probably back in those days would have said what a horrible guy. the episode with the things he did, and yet he was a man after God’s own heart. God uses different people for different times. You need somebody with a Manhattan business type of personality and administrative state. There are wolves in that environment and to succeed in that, that doesn’t mean he can’t be. When he’s not being attacked he’s a wonderful person. Everybody would love him.

NEIL CAVUTO: To be clear, you’re comparing him to King David? You’re comparing him to — you are just to put up for the record, comparing him to King David and that worked out well for King David and this is another King David, right?

CARSON: I don’t know about him king, but certainly he has some policies that are very worthwhile and the other thing that must be mentioned, if the left is allowed to use the DoJ to hurt him and to eliminate him from the process, that’s when we lose democracy.

“This is a little bit of a shift. A little bit of a shift. He goes from ‘Donald Trump is like King David, a man after God’s own heart, to Neal Cavuto saying okay, so we’re comparing him to King David? Comparing him to King David? is that what you do? Then he goes, well — you know, his policies on quantitative easing are fascinating. he kind of went all the way from the Old Testament and man after God’s heart to ‘I like some of his policies. you know,” maybe that’s the perfect interview and clip we showed before.”

“Jonathan Lemire, to show that this ‘Donald Trump is Jesus’ shit…”

So I read something a few days ago. Rumors are thick within the Trump campaign that Trump has selected Ben Carson as his vice-president nominee. At first I thought it was crazy, but after seeing Carson pop up everywhere, saying things like this, well, I’m convinced.


January 2024