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‘Nice Girls’ Who Poisoned 46 Russians Escape FSB Team

Last month, we brought you the story of two young Ukrainian women who brought vodka and some snacks – fish, sausage, bread, cheese – to hungry Russian soldiers. It was all laced with arsenic and strychnine. Two such incidents left 46 dead and more hospitalized, one in Simferopol and Bakhchisarai. Since then, they’ve become wanted fugitives in Crimea and apparently the Russian occupiers know who they are. A team of Russian FSB officers who went to capture them proved inadequate for the job and were quickly dispatched. The two women remain at large.

A cool story to be sure, but is it true? Well, quite possibly. The Telegram channel “Kremlin Snuffbox” is notorious for presenting embarrassing stories of the Russian occupiers, often citing FSB sources only to later have the facts confirmed by Russian telegram channels. Their track record stretches back to the early days of the war. The two young women, if they do exist, probably won’t exist for much longer.

Source: Dialog (Ukraine)

In the occupied Crimea, the occupiers identified two girls suspected of killing dozens of Russian military personnel and tried to detain them. The “saboteurs” managed to escape. During the persecution, the girls eliminated employees of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, who were sent for detention, Russian public pages write.

The invaders found the girls in one of the private houses in Yalta a few days ago. The TG channel “Kremlin Snuffbox” claims that “professionals” from the FSB were unable to cope with opponents of the Kremlin regime – the girls disappeared.

“… Those suspected of the death of 46 soldiers (poisoned in one of the military units of Simferopol) resisted… The saboteurs turned out to be well armed and (we did not expect this!) Well prepared. As soon as the special forces arrived to detain them, they opened fire “, writes the TG channel with reference to its own source.

The occupiers were so unprepared for the meeting with the “saboteurs” that they fired a couple of shots in response. The suspects fled in a car, which was later found on the outskirts of Yalta.

As a result of the shooting, three FSB officers were killed, two were injured, one of them is in serious condition.


January 2024