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CNN Guts Trump By Listing All Of The Weak Excuses He Has Given For His Alleged Crimes

CNN’s Abby Phillip attempted to list every single weak excuse that Trump has given as a defense for court cases that he is facing.

Philip said:

Raindrops on roses. Whiskers on kittens, immunity on murders. Donald Trump lists a few of his favorite reasons why he’s not a criminal at this point. Trump is a collector of defenses. Like some people collect Pokemon, but there’s almost too much to count at this point.

And trust us, we tried, he says he’s immune. Presidents can’t obstruct justice. He’s, he’s his intent wasn’t corrupt. The case is moving too fast or moving too slow. It’s an unfair venue. The judge is biased and so are the clerks the juries too. He’s never met her. He doesn’t know her. He’s, she’s not his type. It was his personal account, political persecution, witch hunt. Perfect phone call. The deep state. It wasn’t an insurrection. He wasn’t notified that it was a crime. His lawyers advised him double jeopardy. The speech was peaceful. The students weren’t defrauded the Presidential Records Act. He was too busy. They were his documents. They’re declassified. They aren’t even classified at all. The First Amendment and the Fourth, fifth, sixth, and 10th Amendments too.


The list is brutal because there isn’t a serious or credible legal justification for Trump’s behavior. It appears that Phillip and her team tried to count Trump’s excuses in both civil and criminal cases because some of the excuses are ones that Trump has been using in the E. Jean Carroll lawsuits.

When all of the excuses are put together for viewing in one place, what stands out is the weakness of them all.

No matter what the case, Trump seems unable to present a valid defense, and his lack of a credible defense has never stood out more than when all of his excuses are listed together.

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