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Climate Activists Disrupt DeSantis’ Fox News Town Hall

For the second day in a row, a presidential candidate was interrupted during a public event by protesters—this time, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was confronted by climate activists at a Fox News town hall Tuesday in Iowa.

Toward the end of the hour-long back-and-forth with voters, DeSantis heard from a self-identified Christian who complained that GOP candidates aren’t fully embracing the conservative-majority Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“Republicans are hiding from it,” he said, asking, “Why don’t we own it? How are you going to address this?”

DeSantis, who has called for a 15-week national abortion ban and who has signed an even more restrictive law in Florida banning most abortions after six weeks, said he believes “it’s important to stand for a culture of life.”

“I’m the only one running that has actually enacted protections for the sanctity of life. I’m the only one that’s been able to do that,” the governor said as he was interrupted by audience members near the stage chanting “no oil money.”

One of the apparent climate activists also unfurled a yellow and black banner and climbed on stage, but was whisked away by security before the words on it could be captured on the broadcast.

DeSantis, who is set to face former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley in a CNN debate Wednesday ahead of next week’s Iowa caucuses, wasn’t thrilled by the disruption.

“You know, you live and you learn with these people, right?” he said with a chuckle before addressing them. “Alright, well. You guys, that was a mistake. You guys didn’t get that one right.”


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