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Trump: ‘I Feel That As A President, You Have To Have Immunity’

Donald Trump came out of court after having his immunity case decimated by the appellate court and made a statement. It was a typical Trumpian statement, full of political argle-bargle about how Biden is prosecuting him in order to win, etc.

And then came the implicit threat: “That’ll be bedlam in the country. It’s a very bad thing. It’s a very bad precedent.”

He added, “And that’s a very sad thing that’s happened with this whole situation. When they talk about threat to democracy, that’s your real threat to democracy.” (I’m not the threat YOU’RE the threat. Typical BS argument)

Keep in mind, what he is arguing is that he could order S.E.A.L. Team Six to assassinate Biden and as long as he was not impeached and convicted, he’d get away with it.

That whole “impeached and convicted” qualifier blew his argument out of the water today and forced his lawyer to concede that the president does not have absolute immunity. Of course, if he had been impeached and convicted, he would have argued that trying him in criminal court would be double jeopardy, so there is always a way for him to weasel out. Also, Mitch McConnell whipped against conviction for one reason: Trump could be tried in criminal court.

But facts don’t matter to Trump. All that matters is how he feels, as he went on to explain.

“And I feel that as a president, you have to have immunity,” he declared as if by saying it, it was true. He’d just spent over an hour watching the appellate judges destroy his claim to immunity, so all he has left is his “feelings.”

Well, his feelings and a pack of lies. He went on to say they had a “list” of “tremendous voter fraud,” despite the fact that the only fraud cases that have made it to court are Trump voters voting twice in states like Florida and New York. But in Trump’s fevered little mind, they have lists and “proof” which won’t stand up in court but somehow proves it anyway, and he’s innocent because he “feels” he should have immunity, which suggests he does know he did something wrong, but shouldn’t be accountable for it.

This is what the right does. They feel things, and because they feel them, those things must magically become fact. And they feel them so hard and so deeply that they lie to everyone until everyone wishes those feelings into fact. It’s a formula.

Trump’s goose is cooked, because when the appeals court disposes of his “absolute immunity” claim, he will be tried for his crimes in Georgia, Florida and Washington, D.C., and everywhere else he committed them. It could be that he can’t shoot someone on Fifth Avenue or order the assassination of his opponent and get away with it.

What a world that would be.


January 2024