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Fox News Host Insists Trump Was ‘Entitled’ To China’s Millions

It’s actually a big effing deal that Fox News even covered the “Trump took money from China” story. And on Hannity, no less.

The fact that it’s an election year must be making the Fox News bubble a little more porous. Good thing Jeanine Pirro is on-message with the propaganda:

JEANINE PIRRO (CONTRIBUTOR): …Donald Trump wasn’t involved in the business once he became president. The bottom line is he had properties. He was entitled to have someone else monitor those properties and make money from those properties. Okay? Now let’s talk about Hunter Biden.

In case you missed last week’s bombshell report from the House Oversight Democrats, who are actually doing their job unlike their Republican colleagues:

Titled White House for Sale: How Princes, Prime Ministers, and Premiers Paid Off President Trump, the 156-page report uses documents from Trump’s former accounting firm to show that businesses owned by the former president received payments from at least 20 foreign governments during his White House tenure, including over $5.5 million from China, $615,422 from Saudi Arabia, $465,744 from Qatar, and $303,372 from Kuwait.

Given that the documents underlying the report only cover payments to four of the more than 500 businesses Trump owned while simultaneously serving as president, the estimated $7.8 million total is likely just a fraction of the true total. In a report released in April 2023, Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington (CREW) estimated that Trump made up to $160 million from international business dealings while president.

Good thing Media Matters gives us regular Hannity receipts, too. One year ago this month Hannity told his radio audience, “There’ve never been any accusations that Donald Trump got paid by China or his children made deals with China or deals with Ukraine. You know, Donald Trump never had to leverage a billion taxpayer dollars to get a Ukrainian prosecutor fired. Donald Trump never got – his kids never got money from a Russian oligarch or investment money from a Russian oligarch. That never happened.”

And of course, last summer Trump himself insisted to Hannity that any president taking money from China must be compromised.

DONALD TRUMP (GUEST): But they are compromised. Sean, we have a compromised president. China gives him millions of dollars. If he’s giving Biden millions of dollars, he’s compromised.


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