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Fox ‘News’ Host Confused About Which Candidate Went ‘Full Hitler’

Apparently Joe Biden’s pro-democracy speech left a mark, or the wingnuts over on Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda channel wouldn’t be squealing like stuck pigs this Monday.

Here’s Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade this Monday, seemingly confused about which presidential candidate went “full Hitler,” pretending he doesn’t understand why Biden would give such a speech on the anniversary of Trump’s insurrection, and making the ridiculous assertion that no one will be talking about the threat Trump poses to democracy later on in the year because Biden gave a speech now. The voters are all going to just magically forget about it as we get closer to the election.

KILMEADE: I tell you what, talking about Barack Obama, The Washington Post, they obviously got some first-hand information that Obama really went into Joe Biden to try to get him to understand the power of Donald Trump. He says people are underestimating his popularity, and he says he grew very animated discussing the 2024 election and Trump’s potential return to power.

He also says you’ve got to do better to his campaign headquarters in Delaware. He says he long harbored words about Trump’s political strength, telling Biden during a private lunch last summer that Trump is a more formidable candidate than anyone realizes, and then he goes on to simply say he’s got to get people to show initiative.

Now, if you look at some of the experts, they’re saying they spent $40 million to sell Bidenomics over the summer. It lost ground. They tried to sell democracy. It’s losing ground.

What’s resonating is Trump is un-electable. He is not worthy of the seat. Hence the speech on Friday where the president went full Hitler that Trump is the worst thing ever, will destroy the country.

But why, if you believe that, why would you do that in January, knowing that we’re going to hear the same thing for nine months? By the time May comes up, we’re not going to hear this.

We’re not going to hear about it on Fox, but they’ve been trying to whitewash the insurrection and revise history from the beginning.


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