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Biden Just Hit Trump With The One Thing That Will Drive Him Crazy

President Joe Biden gave remarks at Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston, South Carolina, and he didn’t hold back on his successor predecessor, who has spoon-fed the lie to his base that he won an election that he clearly lost. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever had a narcissist in your life or not, but there is one thing they all share in common. They don’t like being called a loser. You can practically sense their balls crawling back up inside their bodies for protection when that happens. Well, that’s what just happened to Donald J. Trump. That is if he has any balls. Word has it that Nancy still keeps them in her purse.

“There’s one thing they don’t have. They don’t have respect for the 81 million people who voted the other way, voted for my candidacy,” Biden said of Trump and his election-denying enablers.

“In their world, these Americans, including you, don’t count, but that’s not the real world. That’s not democracy. That’s not America,” he said. “That’s not America.”

“In America, we all count,” the President added. “In America, we witness to serve all those who, in fact, participate. And losers are taught to concede when they lose. And he’s a loser.”

The President garnered a thunderous applause from the crowd. In contrast, Trump can throw a fit on Truth Social and get a handful of likes from his fire-breathing, lint-licking base. Yay him!

Meanwhile, Biden needs to counter their false narrative about his mental acuity. Biden is fine. Just keep hammering Trump by calling him a loser, and you’ll see a mentally unfit candidate trying to sneak back into the White House. And if he does get the coveted keys to the White House again, he’ll just think of his base as a bunch of suckers. He does that already, though. America, you can divorce a narcissist. It’s easy. Believe me.


January 2024