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Biden Brilliantly Handles Protesters Who Interrupt Him At Mother Emanuel AME Church

President Biden was interrupted by a group of protesters demanding a ceasefire in Gaza while speaking at the Mother Emanuel AME Church in South Carolina and his response was brilliant.

Biden was saying in his speech, “He knows the power of truth. And the power of lies. He knows what happens when peoare allowed to whitewash history, erase history, bury history. He knows what the Bible teaches. We shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free, but the truth, the truth is under assault in America. As a consequence, so is our freedom, our democracy, our very country because without the truth, there’s no light. There’s no path from this darkness.”

A protester interrupted the President, If you really care about the lives lost, you should honor the lives lost in Palestine.”

A small group of protesters chanted, “Cease-fire now.”

Biden responded, “Look, folks. I understand their passion, and I’ve been quietly working — quietly working with the Israeli government to get them to reduce and significantly get out of Gaza. Using all I can to do that. But I understand the passion.”

A woman in the church stood up and said, “You’re a good man. They don’t realize that.”


Whoever thought that it was a smart strategy to go to one of the sight of the worst hate crimes in American history and protest for a ceasefire made a big mistake. Even for those who support a ceasefire, it was a cringeworthy moment, and completely disrespectful to the church and members of the congregation who lost loved ones and suffered injuries in the mass shooting.

President Biden handled the situation very well, and more Americans need to understand that his administration is pressuring Israel to get out of Gaza, so it was important that he made the point in that moment that he is trying to get Israel out of Gaza.

The disrespect shown by the protesters to the church may have done more to hurt the efforts to get a ceasefire than help.

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January 2024