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Stephen Miller Melts Down On Fox News As Trump Faces Prison

Trump adviser Stephen Miller exploded with anger on Fox News because he said Democrats were “trying to imprison, bankrupt, and destroy Donald Trump.”

While appearing on Fox News with failed Republican candidate Kari Lake on Sunday, host Maria Bartiromo asked Miller about party nominations for president.

“And Stephen, the rumor is, is that the Democrats are going to pull Michelle Obama out of the hat during their Democrat convention this summer,” Bartiromo suggested.

“Well, look, I have no idea what the Democrats are going to do when they are incapacitated by a frail, aging, severely cognitively eroded Joe Biden,” Miller replied. “But what we do know is that we are witnessing election interference now in real time on two fronts.”

The former White House aide raised his voice as he spoke about Trump’s legal problems.

“They’re trying to imprison, bankrupt, and destroy Donald Trump using the awesome power of the state, like something out of a failed third-world country, and they’re leaving our border wide open to import a new generation of voters that they believe will be more favorable to big government and top-down control!” he shouted. “That’s their plan. And so I will tell you what is happening on the border every single day is one of the greatest crimes in human history!”

“And Joe Biden and the entire Biden administration are guilty of leading an insurrection on the southern border against the laws, constitution, and sovereignty of the United States of America,” he added. “And it’s happening every day.”

“We are tracking it every day,” Bartiromo assured him.


January 2024