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MAGA Mike Johnson Waves Off Trump’s Hitleresque Remark: ‘It’s Not Hateful’

Adolf Hitler was an evil man, and quoting the dead despot to support a candidacy is a terrible idea. It’s just that simple — unless you’re a Republican and can’t seem to condemn former President Donald Trump for quoting der Fuhrer when he demeaned immigrants. And Trump has never apologized for that. Instead, he doubled down.

House Speaker Mike Johnson seemed to have issues on Face the Nation with condemning Donald Trump’s “poisoning the blood of our country” remark about immigrants. Is it so hard to say that Trump was wrong? It is for Mike Johnson. On an aside, can’t they get good hosts on Sunday showsFa anymore? Margaret Brennan failed to mention that the remark Trump made was a Hitler quote. That seems important, IDK.

“When President Trump says immigrants are poisoning the blood of our country, is that a statement you agree with?” Brennan asked Brennan.

“That’s not language I would use, but I understand the urgency of President Trump’s admonition,” Johnson said. “He’s been saying this since he ran for president the first time, that we have to secure the border. And I think the vast majority of the American people understand the necessity of that, and I think they agree with his position.”

Nice dodge there, Mike.

“But that statement goes beyond what you are personally comfortable with,” Brennan said.

“That’s not language I would use, but I understand that-” he said.

“It sounds hateful,” Brennan said.

“Well, it’s not hateful,” the Bonehead said. “What President Trump is trying to advance is his America First priority. And I think that makes sense to a lot of people. The current president, President Biden, wants additional supplemental spending on national security, but he denies the most important point of our own national security, and that is our own border. And so that is frustrating to him.”

“You can say that without talking about blood,” Brennan said, again without mentioning that it’s a Hitler quote.

“President Biden’s position is frustrating to us, it’s frustrating to the American people, and certainly to President Trump, and I think that’s what he’s articulating there,” MAGA Mike added.

MAGA Mike also forgot to mention the fact that Republicans denied Biden’s request for funding so he could add more border agents and enforcement mechanisms to the border, all so they could sit here a year later and say the border was in crisis and it was Biden’s fault.

Well, it’s sweet that he thinks the words originally by Hitler are “not hateful,” but they are. You can’t sugarcoat the actions or words of Adolf fucking Hitler. Geez, this isn’t hard. I’m sure he’s busy, though. He has so many faces to blur out in the Jan. 6th crowd so lawbreakers aren’t charged with their crimes. Busy guy, that Mike.


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