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‘Dementia’: Trump’s Brain Was Broken At Iowa Rally, And People Noticed

For some time now, Trump and his enablers have raised questions about Joe Biden’s mental acuity even though the former President talks like a man who just escaped from a home for dementia patients, and he’s standing on the corner half naked, swinging his little dick around like the drunk down the street. All signs point to Trump’s mental state that should be questioned. Let’s look at a few cringe-y clips at his Iowa campaign rally.

After the latest school shooting, Trump told a crowd of his supporters in Iowa to just “get over it.”


Trump went off on magnets.

“They had an almost billion-dollar cost over on the magnetic elevators. Think of it, magnets,” he told the crowd for some unknown reason. “Now, all I know about magnets is this. Give me a glass of water. Let me drop it on the magnets. That’s the end of the magnets.”

“Why didn’t they use John Deere?” he asked. “Why didn’t they bring in the John Deere people? Do you like John Deere? I like John Deere.”

Well, OK then.

This next clip doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

What is ‘it’ and who is ‘they’?

“Over the seas, and it comes over our land,” Trump said. “And then they want us to have clean. I said wait a minute, we’re gonna be clean, but it’s all flying. Just remember that. Does that make sense? In other words, it’s all coming through the currents through the air; it all comes. They can name it. They can say exactly where it’s going to be and when.”

Then Trump told a ‘sir story’ about people asking him how he puts on his pants.

Trump went on to assure us that he is mentally fit, but Xitter wasn’t having it.

In contrast, President Biden’s speech was widely praised.


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