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Yes, Jesse Watters Hosted A Tarot Card Reading On ‘The News’

Yes.  I know.  It is ridiculous, even for Fox.  It transcends the concept  of “freak show”.  It is mesmerising in the same way a 50-car pileup is mesmerizing. 

It is Sybil the Soothsayer from Network.

 It is Jesse Watters’ whackjob relative — the one they keep in the attic except on special occasions — wearing a lacquered fright wig she fished out of Salena Zito‘s discard pile.  And everyone involved was drunk.

Judges would accept any or all of these as valid answers on the “WT actual F happened on Fox News last night?” political aptitude test.

However, two things.

First, back in the good old days, consulting an oracle actually required guts because it could come with some personal risk.  Imagine what a quiet happy backwater life MacBeth might have had, had he not stopped off and asked the Weird Sisters for directions.  Or consider the Bocca della Verità

— which, legend had it, would bite the hand off of any liar who placed their hand in its mouth, or anyone who told a lie while their hand is in the mouth.

You can see why nothing like that would be allowed within 1,000 miles of the mighty headwaters of Republican lies for the past 30 years, Fox News.

Instead, we get Grandmama from The Addams Family flipping cards in prime time while Jesse Watters smirks and thinks to himself, man, I can get this meathead audience to watch anything.

However, let us set all that aside for a moment and consider whether, on the merits, this is substantively different or less accurate from the oracular bullshit that well-paid pundits and politicians offer up in print and on teevee every day of the week, and every hour of every day during campaign season.  

Republished with permission from Driftglass.

PS Trump’s Card is the Five of Cups?


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