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Jesse Watters: CIA’s ‘Diverse’ Hiring Is For ‘Dirty Work’

Fox’s Jesse Watters went on a rant this Tuesday that the CIA’s diversity, equity and inclusion program is really just “an excuse to hire ideological hit men and hit women to do the dirty work.”

There really is no bottom with these people if they find an opportunity to one, demonize Black people, so-called “wokeness,” or anything else that includes heaven forbid treating people who aren’t straight white male Christians as equal citizens in the United States, and two, to demonize any department of government that may have people employed there that did their jobs in pushing back against Trump’s lawlessness. Both are not allowed on Murdoch’s propaganda network.

Here’s transcript of Watters via Media Matters:

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): The Central Intelligence Agency has been interfering in our elections for years. 1964, 1968, 2016, 2020, just to name a few. And in 2024, Biden’s going to need all the help he can get. Black, Hispanic, youth support — evaporating. And he’s losing to Trump in every battleground.

But maybe Biden knows something we don’t. Maybe he thinks it’s in the bag. Maybe it is in the bag. A former CIA analyst says we can expect the intelligence agencies who’ve been turbocharged by diversity, equity, and inclusion to reemerge this year and subvert the Republican nominee.

So the deep state went woke in order to kneecap Republican presidential candidates who threaten their corporate and ideological agenda. That’s what DEI has really been about: using inclusivity as an excuse to hire ideological hit men and hit women to do the dirty work. Remember, you’re not allowed to ask recruits about their politics. But if you hire DEI-type recruits, you can assume what their politics are without having to ask.

Also, remember, the CIA does the bidding for corporate America. And if a Republican candidate threatens corporate America’s agenda by controlling the border, starting trade wars with China, challenging the Green New Deal, they’ll be dealt with by the CIA — especially a CIA stacked with liberal recruits who think they’re saving democracy, but they’re only saving a CEO’s bottom line.

The guy Watters was quoting and who he followed up with during the rest of the segment was some retired CIA analyst named John Gentry. He’s got a book out titled Neutering the CIA: Why Us Intelligence Versus Trump Has Long-term Consequences. I haven’t read the book and I never heard of Gentry prior to this interview.

That said, I found this review of his book on Amazon interesting. Not sure how much truth there is to it, but it sure as hell fits when it comes to the sort of person Fox loves to bring on as a guest for segments like this one.

There is a legitimate debate to be had over whether the many public attacks by former Intelligence Community leaders on former President Trump were appropriate. The politicization of intelligence has long been known to threaten the credibility of intelligence professionals.

Unfortunately, this is not that book. Instead, a man who left the CIA in a snit 30 years ago has discovered that the younger generation is–shocking!–different. This is a small-minded, one-sided and often hypocritical attack on an organization that–from Gentry’s description–I simply don’t recognize. And yes, I served with the CIA for more than three decades.

Gentry’s premise is that Obama essentially captured the CIA for the Democratic Party by forcing the Agency to hire Blacks, LGBT+, and “unhealthy” folks, known Leftists all. He argues that Blacks will automatically vote Democratic (tell that to Clarence Thomas) and that this somehow ensures that their analysis will be tainted. More–these incompetent Blacks resist the editing and correction all analysts must face, running whining to EEO officers to claim discrimination (p. 413). Among his fixes for the problem is the suggestion that CIA EEO offices be forced to hire Caucasian males (p. 434). He documents his claims with quotes and citations, mostly from anonymous sources he claims still work within the Intelligence Community. Presumably, these sources were responding to the advertisements Gentry has posted for the past year in retiree newsletters specifically soliciting input from those who believe themselves harmed by DEI. In short, a self-selected group not likely to represent the larger CIA population.

I know the CIA. I served under seven presidents, Carter to Trump. I agree that political discussion within the organization has surged over the past decade and it makes me uncomfortable, too. I’m not quite sure how firing all the “diversity hire leftists” is going to solve the problem, given that politicization comes from both direction. (In all his insistence that today’s hires are under qualified products of leftist universities, Gentry misses the heavy influx of military veterans who have quite rightly joined our ranks since 9/11. Our Agency population includes all political viewpoints, as it should.)

Politicization and polarization come from both sides. It’s a problem in the CIA as well as the country. Where we need rational, informed dialogue, Gentry offers only partisan fuel for the fire.

That’s pretty much all Fox looks for as well. Fuel for the fire and more red meat to toss to their base. Watters has been a perfect fit as a replacement for his racist predecessor Tucker Carlson. Stupid, mean, and flame throwing. Just what the Murdochs want to keep their audience in a constant state of agitation.


January 2024