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ICYMI: Donald Trump faces tough road ahead in 2024

Republican primaries are coming. So are Trump’s trials

Let us break down the Republican primary-election calendar and the four timelines of Trump’s criminal trials, all of which are scheduled to begin soon in 2024.

When Jeffrey Epstein’s list is released, only one name really matters

A federal judge is expected to release the list of those who allegedly traveled with the accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, and once again, a frequent Epstein guest seems to be getting a free pass from the media.

Republicans want you to forget they hate birth control

Need more proof that your right to plan your family is in the GOP’s crosshairs?

Haley’s recent rise seems to have Trump feeling a little nervous 

Trump lies as often as he breathes, and in this case, he’s projecting.

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Judge rules former clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses must pay $260K

Nearly nine years later, fallout from this case continues.

‘It looks like the railroad is asking for you to say thank you’

A stellar report from ProPublica on the quest to maximize profits by skirting worker safety.

Cartoon: Fun with ethno-nationalist dog whistles

Cartoonist Jen Sorensen nailed it with this one!

Another conservative mom allegedly behaving badly: PA activist lands in hot water

Tsk-tsk-tsk. It is always projection with these folks.

US women are stocking up on abortion pills

Fallout from the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade has American women planning ahead.

Federal appeals court temporarily delays new state-run court in Mississippi’s majority-Black capital

The NAACP calls this outrageous Mississippi plan “inherently undemocratic.”

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