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Fox host Maria Bartiromo theorizes that China created COVID-19 to get Trump out of office

Maria Bartiromo, who is fresh off of being exposed as being one of the more reprehensible liars on the propaganda network that is Fox News, is still at it. She spoke with the former chairman of the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, Republican Rep. Brad Wenstrup of Ohio. Wenstrup recently announced his plans to retire from office, and Bartiromo wanted to bring him on to discuss the plandemic.

Specifically, Bartiromo wanted to take the opportunity to float a wild and completely unsupportable conspiracy theory that China created the COVID-19 virus in order to … get Donald Trump out of office.

MARIA BARTIROMO: I mean, is there a chance that China released this virus on America intentionally—disrupt the country, get Donald Trump out, get your man in there, Joe Biden, and then cover it up?

REP: BRAD WENSTRUP: Well, they certainly didn’t try to protect America, did they? I mean, so whether it was intentional or accidental, they seem to be aware of it. And as I recall, and I could be wrong on this, President Xi was telling Donald Trump “everything’s okay,” and Donald Trump was repeating what President Xi said. Now, Democrats call President Trump a liar, but it seems that he was just repeating what President Xi said, and obviously it was more dangerous.

Bartiromo’s career at Fox continues to be one long dirge played into the abyss.

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