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Trump Won’t Stop Calling Out NY Judge’s Law Clerk By Name

Former President Donald Trump immediately attacked Justice Arthur Engoron’s law clerk on Thursday after an appeals court paused a gag order barring Trump from speaking publicly about court staff amid his civil fraud trial. And he just did it again on Saturday on Truth Social. Someone is going to get hurt. Trump knows that. He doesn’t care.

“The Judge committed FRAUD in my Trial by valuing my assets at a tiny fraction of what they are really worth in order to make his FAKE CASE against me – And everyone, including his crooked and highly partisan Law Clerk, Allison Greenfield, and Racist A.G. Letitia James, knows it,” Trump wrote. “The Judicial System in New York State is in chaos and disrepute over this horribly handled Persecution of a Political Opponent.”

“The World is watching this illegal Witch Hunt. Engoron, James, and Greenfield should be sanctioned and prosecuted over this complete and very obvious MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE!!!” he said.

Trump also claimed that businesses are leaving New York. While there are instances of businesses leaving the state, there is no evidence that it has to do with Trump.

“This Rigged Case should be ended immediately. Proof has been conclusive. Businesses will never come back to New York—They’re all watching this Hoax!” he added. “The Judge and Attorney General should be sanctioned. POLITICAL WITCH HUNT!”

Yeah, sure. New Yorkers are leaving because the law was mean to Lumpy. That’s the ticket. Sure.

For the third time, Trump’s obsession with the law clerk continued with the former President posting an article that contained her name and photo. I’m not linking to that garbage.

Very mature. Gag him. This wouldn’t happen during any other trial. Lumpy is right – there is a two-tiered system where the defendant is allowed to publicly target his judge’s law clerk.


November 2023