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Harry and Meghan Ready for Royal Christmas—if Charles Invites Them

Welcome to this week’s edition of , “When Graydon Carter weighs in on a topic like this, important people in the highest places listen. It’s going to have a domino effect as far as the perceived narrative about their marriage and its long-term prospects goes.”

The source said Carter had no “inside knowledge about any tension in their relationship.”

A source told Heat: “It’s humiliating for them and divorce is absolutely not an option—they have kids, and despite everything, they really do love each other,” the source told the publication.

Harry skips ‘The Crown’

Prince Harry will not be watching the sixth series of The Crown, which portrays his mother’s death and its aftermath, a new report says. Deadline Hollywood said that a source close to Harry had told then he would not stream the new episodes of the show because of their “sensitive nature.”

However, the publication added: “Deadline understands that Prince Harry has no ill feelings towards The Crown’s creators or Netflix about the direction of Season 6.”

Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana in 'The Crown.'

Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana in ‘The Crown.’


Harry has previously been reluctant to criticize The Crown. There has been some speculation that this is connected to his own mega-bucks production deal ewth the streamer. He told James Corden on The Late Late Show that The Crown gives a sense of “putting duty and service above family and everything else.”

He added: “I am way more comfortable with The Crown than I am seeing stories written about my family or my wife. That is obviously fiction, take it how you will.”

This week in royal history

On November 20, 1947, Queen Elizabeth married Prince Philip at Westminster Abbey. On the same date in 1992, Windsor Castle was extensively damaged in a fire, and on the same date in 1995 Princess Diana’s famous, and latterly much contested, interview with BBC’s Panorama was broadcast.

Unanswered questions

Will the Sussexes get their Christmas invite to Sandringham? Is Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship really over?


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