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Trump’s Legal Delaying Tactics May Pay Off For Him Next Year

Anderson Cooper talked to Maggie Haberman about the Trump delaying tactics in two federal cases and their probable outcome. “Judge Aileen Cannon said she will not delay the trial start date, scheduled for May of next year,” he said.

He noted that last week, she appeared to be leaning toward a delay but that it didn’t happen.

“She did say she will revisit the decision in March, just days before he’s set to go on trial in the special counsel’s other investigation in attempts to overturn the 2020 election. Judge Cannon today did agree with the former president’s team that they need more time to prepare for the case. and she pushed back several filing deadlines, including those that involve reviewing the classified documents at the heart of the case,” he said.

He asked Maggie Haberman what she thought of the decision.

“She literally was essentially splitting the decision. She gave herself until next year to revisit it. As you note, this is going to happen around the time he is going on trial in D.C., or scheduled to. So, she will look at that calendar and decide whether she has to move hers,” Haberman said.

“And there are reasons to believe there would be movement in the other trial and she would have to. The Trump team still feels pretty confident, and a lot of this is because Trump appointed Judge Aileen Cannon. So, fairly or not, he reads into everything she does. But there is reason to believe she might delay it until after the election. I think she is going to look at all the other cases and make a decision. I don’t think this is over for the Trump team.”

Haberman said that anything that delays things is good for the Trump team.

“I know we’ve talked about this, but it’s just contrary what you’re seeing in D.C., where Judge Tanya Chutkan, in the case related to Trump’s efforts to subvert the 2020 election, she’s clearly trying to press ahead. We will see how this all ends up. There’s a massive amount of discovery in both cases. There are fewer issues related to classified information,” she said.

She talked about how Trump is likely to use the trials as a fundraising pitch, but he won’t be able to pull the same kinds of stunts in a federal criminal court

“There is an enormous amount of energy invested in Trump portraying himself as fine and nothing bothering him, and you are seeing that come out in various ways,” Haberman said.

“People who are in contact with him frequently will acknowledge he is very, very angry. He also clearly does not want to be sentenced to prison. They are feeling good about his chances in the election. They would like to get through the primary.”


November 2023