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Ramaswamy Promises To Put Thousands Out Of Work On ‘Day 1’

Anti-woke warrior and GOP Presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy is either hungry to trend on Twitter (he still hasn’t gotten there yet, though) or he’s an idiot. There’s always the possibility of both. I’m going for both. To want to lead today’s Republican Party, which stands for absolutely nothing except for morally bankrupt ideas, you have to be an idiot with no ambitions for a better future. You’d have to be at that “Meh, fuckit, who cares” phase in life to want to helm that rudderless ship.

Ramaswamy seems to be going for Elon Musk’s Twitter strategy, but he’ll use it on the entire country. Just take a chainsaw to it, and good luck to the newly unemployed. So, he took to Twitter to say something I’m likening to, May the odds be ever in your favor.

Bless his little heart:

On Day 1, *instantly* fire 50% of federal bureaucrats.

Here’s how: if your SSN ends in an odd number, you’re fired.

That downsizes government by half. Absolutely *nothing* will break as a result.

It doesn’t violate civil service rules because mass layoffs are exempt.


He’s not done:

This avoids civil service protections: no bureaucrat can claim their firings were politically motivated.

Further firings can be executed with a chisel, but Step 1 needs to be an unrestrained chainsaw or else it just won’t happen.

Sure thing, buddy. This chud promises to take jobs away from millions of Americans on day one. And that’s just on the first day.

Are we sure this weirdo doesn’t have a Social Security number that ends in an even number, and he wants revenge on the odd numbers for some unknown reason? Hey, it’s 2023, and have you seen the Republican Party lately? It could happen. These mfers are campaigning on who can make people suffer the most.

Ramaswamy’s idea sounds as if it would force us into a recession, and are we sure that’s not intentional on his part? A businessman such as himself should know this already.

Each of those ‘odd numbers’ has a face, and that face has a family and people to care for. What I’m trying to say is, fuck that guy. We always just assumed that our presidents have the empathy gene. Then Trump came along, and now I feel like they should run tests on candidates to be sure they are capable of empathy. No more narcissists, please, and thank you.


November 2023