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Newsmax Host Suggests Only Landowners Should Vote

Rob Schmidt, when anti-democracy isn’t working hard enough for him.

ROB SCHMITT (HOST): The party’s gotta wake up. Last night, we went deep on the likely fraudulent fundraising arm of the DNC, known as Act Blue and also the plan to exploit abortion in 2024 as Republicans continue to run from this issue and they can’t coalesce on something common sense. Kamala’s husband has described Democrats’ path to victory in 2024 as Dobbs and democracy. Fear tactics. That is all they have next year because they have nothing else to sell. They’ve ruined everything else. But they’ll stop at nothing to win – already importing mass amounts of Third World migrants into this country while sending back only the ones who are escaping socialism because they won’t vote the way this government wants them to.

Another reminder of what they’re capable of – in 2021, Biden signed an executive order mandating our federal agencies evaluate ways in which the agency can as appropriate and consistent with applicable law, promote voter registration and voter participation. So what does that mean? Well, not only is the Democratic Party taking half of your paycheck and giving it away to millions of Americans on the dole, now Joe Biden is mandating government agencies spend their time and spend your money seeking to register as much of America’s dead weight as they possibly can to vote. They’ve signed up millions of people over the last two years using this policy, this executive order. They’re using your tax dollars to ruin this country. The only people that they want voting are those dependent on the government, the people not producing anything. What’s that sound like to you? Long ago in parts of this country, only landowners could vote. Now we’re seeking the exact opposite of that – a political party actively working to empower the freeloaders. Sounds like a great idea, right? Because as this country is destroyed the one upside is that the government will attain a lot more power. If the RNC doesn’t wake up to the beast that we are up against in 2024, then the RNC is toast.

Fun fact, Rob. America doesn’t have “the dole” any more than we require voters to own land. You’re a fascist and a liar. Also, you sound terrified that your party is going to lose and keep losing. Loser.

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November 2023