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Kari Lake Gets Shut Down And It’s Glorious

Wow, I didn’t realize that there was a nicer way of telling someone they are an anti-American piece of lying shit, but former Republican National Committee spokesperson Tim Miller shut down failed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake in the best way possible.

Miller brought up the fentanyl crisis that is spreading across the U.S., an issue that Lake claimed to care “deeply” about.

“So if you care so deeply about this, couldn’t you actually do something about it if you stopped the bullshit about the last election?” Miller said.

“If you had just acknowledged that Trump had lost and acknowledged that you had lost, you’d probably be in good shape to do something,” he continued. “You probably would have won your governor’s race had you just talked about things people cared about instead of this election fraud.”

At one point, she told Miller she was sorry that she wasn’t making him happy, and then she grabbed his hands. Miller pulled away while calling her out for touching him.

“Sorry, I’m a mom, I’m sorry, I’m a mom,” Lake said.

“I like to touch, too, but you know, in an interview setting, it’s a little uncomfortable,” he shot back.

“So, sometimes, don’t you ever think to yourself—I wish I could just stop talking about this fake thing that Donald Trump made me make up so that I could actually talk about the stuff that’s important?” Miller said.

“I’m sorry you weren’t with me every step of the way,” she said. “The people of Arizona understand me, and they know —and they care about me, and I care about them.”

“And they rejected you,” Miller pointed out.

Lake then talked of “freeing the people who are held as political prisoners” over the January 6 attack on the Capitol, and that didn’t go down well with Miller, either.

Lake told Miller that she was sorry that they didn’t agree on everything.

“But what I’m not sorry about is that I do believe we can both agree that we love America,” she added.

“Well, I know that I love America. I do think that you’re OK with Donald Trump trying to end the American experiment last time,” Miller said. “So that makes me wonder how sincere your love is.”



November 2023