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‘I’m Gagged’: Alina Habba Complains She Can’t Attack Judge’s Clerk

Alina Habba, general counsel for Donald Trump, complained on Sunday after a judge placed a limited gag order on her and her client.

In an interview on Fox News, host Maria Bartiromo falsely claimed Attorney General Letitia James could talk about the fraud case against Trump, but “President Trump is not allowed to say anything.” In fact, Trump and Habba have been ordered not to attack Justice Arthur Engoron’s clerk.

“Yeah, we have a gag order currently against certain issues that we can’t speak to, and we’ve seen this on many cases of his,” Habba opined. “You know, Jack Smith has moved for the same thing, and it’s really, you know, it’s a First Amendment right.”

“He’s also a leading candidate,” she continued. “He has a right to speak. He should speak about anybody and anything that he sees that’s corrupt. But we do, even I have a limited gag order.”

Bartiromo pressed the attorney to speak about the clerk the judge had explicitly forbidden her from referring to.

“You have been complaining about the judge’s clerk, and you say that the judge is compromised and the clerk appears compromised,” the Fox News host said. “Tell me why.”

“Well, I actually can’t tell you why, because I’m gagged,” Habba replied. “I can tell you that, you know, we’ll be filing papers to address all of those issues.”

“And, um, the fact that, frankly, Maria, I can’t even discuss it with you, and I’m his spokeswoman, I’m his attorney, says a lot about what the judicial system, the state of our judicial system right now,” she added.

But Bartiromo spoke up to attack the clerk on behalf of Trump’s lawyer.

“I think I did see that there were donations that the clerk had given very supportive to the Democrats,” she said.


November 2023