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Fox Hosts Praise ‘Funny’ SNL Cold Open: Omit Trump Mockery

The hosts of Fox & Friends Weekend just loved the beginning of Saturday Night’s Cold Open, but want us to believe they have no idea what came next.

Fox & Friends took an approving view of how Saturday Night Live satirized the third Republican 2024 primary debate by focusing on the reality that Donald Trump remains the party’s frontrunner.

In SNL’s cold open parody of NBC’s GOP debate last week, James Austin Johnson’s impression of Trump crashed the stage and proceeded to make fun of all the candidates hoping to overtake him and become the 2024 nominee. The real Trump has chosen not to participate in any of the primary debates so far, citing his clear polling lead while demanding the party hurry up and consolidate behind him.

Joey Jones appeared to enjoy Johnson-Trump’s roasts, saying “that was good, that was funny” after Fox rolled the clip. He added the caveat “I didn’t see the whole thing. I don’t know where they went after that, but that’s the truth. Donald Trump is the nominee until something changes.”

Here’s more on the portion of the skit that Joey Jones claims he didn’t watch:

SNL used its cold open to have Trump interrupt the Republican debate that featured ripped-from-the-headlines gaffes and his New York fraud trial.

SNL Trump said:

Isn’t it sad, folks, none of them can beat Joe Biden, the worst president since, frankly, me. Joe Biden, he’s so old. The mentals are clearly in decline. And I am losing it also. You’re seeing it all the time. We’re seeing it a lot. I say things like I’m beating Obama. That’s not right. But I say it. It’s fun. And they say, why aren’t you at the debate, Mr. Trump? Where’s Trump? But I couldn’t be at the debate because I’m very, very busy. I’m going from trial to trial. I’m basically doing House Hunters but with courtrooms.

But how horrible are these trials, making all my children testify against me. My sweet little middle-aged criminal children. So awful to bring in the family. It’ll be very sad when I pin it all on one of them, probably Eric. Wow, look at them back there still frozen, trying not to blink, trying not to move. Stuck on stage while I cook. But they’re after me, folks. They’re coming after me. They’re saying I committed fraud. Not true. I’ve committed a lot of things, adultery, treason, a lot of fraud perhaps, but I’ve been on my best behavior in court. The judge asks, did you approve these financial reports, and I very respectfully say you’re a dumb ass, this is a sham. When I’m president again, I’ll have you executed.

They’re not big fans, especially Tish James, attorney general who is very racist. The worst kind of racism, racism against whites. After everything we’ve done for the world in terms of airplane and with regard to Beach Boys. So that concludes the debate, and that’s probably a wrap on some of these impressions as well.

Here’s the entire segment that Fox assumes their audience will never watch from SNL:


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