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ICYMI: Why does the media ignore Trump’s deterioration?

Donald Trump gets the facts wrong, but the media won’t tell you about it

Donald “Duck” Trump skipped another Republican debate (we cannot blame him there) and instead held a campaign event in Florida. Did you hear about the numerous blunders and confusion that seemed to dominate his speech? Probably not, and that’s a huge problem heading into 2024. Daily Kos’ Mark Sumner explores the media’s wild double standard in covering Trump vs. Biden.

Joe Manchin makes it official

Joe Manchin announced he’s officially ending his U.S. Senate career at the end of his current term. What’s next? We regret to inform you that he probably isn’t retiring.

The House got back to business, sort of

The House was back in business after weeks of chaos, and Republicans are right back to their shenanigans, pulling stunts meant to embarrass and financially damage Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, and others.

As for passing a government funding bill? New Speaker Mike Johnson had a setback and is finding out how hard it is to herd these MAGA clowns.

Meanwhile, Democrats really did crush it on Tuesday

Winning feels good! Let’s keep doing it!

On Tuesday, Democrats notched dramatic victories across the country, holding the governorship in blood-red Kentucky, winning both legislative chambers in Virginia, maintaining strong majorities in New Jersey, crushing Moms for Liberty in school board races, and enshrining abortion rights and legalizing recreational cannabis in Ohio.

Take the poll at Daily Kos: Do you want us to host future debate watch parties? [Poll: We opted not to run a liveblog for this week’s Republican debate. Do you want us to cover the remaining Republican debates live on Daily Kos? Yes, I enjoy watching clown car demolition derby or No, I would rather do literally anything else]

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Lauren Boebert makes the mistake of trying to actually debate someone

If it weren’t for the lewd Colorado theater incident, this would probably rank as the most embarrassing moment of the year for Rep. Lauren Boebert.

This is what happens when a House Republican gets tough questions on Hunter Biden subpoenas

It’s amazing how many self-inflicted wounds these Republicans set themselves up for on national television. Rep. Greg Murphy really struggled on CNN.

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