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Dark Money Group To Vos: Either She Goes Or You Do!

Shortly after the Wisconsin State Senate held a futile vote to fire Elections Administrator Meagan Wolfe, a group of MAGA-GQP state representatives filed articles of impeachment against Wolfe. It should be noted that the articles include nothing but wild Big Lie accusations that have been thoroughly debunked.

Wisconsin Sphincter Robin Vos sat on the articles, repeatedly stating that he was waiting for the issue to work its way through the courts. Then at the end of October, after the Republicans admitted that they were “just kidding,” a court ruled that the GQP were not allowed to pursue any paths to try to remove Wolfe from her position.

Within days of the court order, a mystery group popped up with a TV ad and a full page newspaper ad threatening Vos with either impeachment or being primaried if he did not forward the articles of impeachment. Vos scoffed at the group and issued a statement to that effect and with a whopper of a lie of his own:

“Conservatives, unlike liberals, believe in following the rule of law and the Constitution.

“Whether we like the result or not, a Dane County judge has issued a ruling saying we cannot remove Meagan Wolfe at least until the court issues a final ruling. I think she should be replaced, but we now have to wait for the court process to work.

“The people running these ads are obviously from out-of-state since anyone living in Wisconsin would know of recent events. They appear to be uninformed and not following what’s actually going on in our state. The money could be better spent attacking the real obstacle to election reforms and that’s Tony Evers.”

Vos couldn’t have been more wrong about the group. The group, which calls itself Wisconsin Election Committee, Inc., is led by Adam Steen, who ran against Vos in the 2022 primary and again as a write-in during the 2022 general election. Also leading the group is Harry Wait, a Racine man who is currently facing charges of fraudulently obtaining ballots just to prove it could be done. Ironically, he also proved the system works as evidenced by his pending charges.

It is not known if there are actually any members to the group or if it’s just these two crackpots. It’s also unknown who is funding the group, but it’s a fairly safe bet that it’s some dark money group since the ad buy cost over $100,000.

So what does brave, brave Sir Robin do? He proves that conservatives don’t follow the law and immediately caved within two days that the ads started running by advancing the articles of impeachment to committees for hearings.

Interestingly, the ads came out nine days after the group met with Michael Gableman, known Big Lie acolyte and former election frauditor whom Vos hired and paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, even though he apparently did no work whatsoever to earn that money. It was Gableman who put the idea of recalling Vos into the group’s collective pea brain. But, in fairness, it is better than the group’s first idea:

When asked by a group member what legal recourse Vos’ constituents have if he does not move forward with the impeachment articles, another group member shouted “Second Amendment,” referring to the constitutional right to possess firearms. The comment was met with laughter.

Gableman answered, “Our founders did give us the recourse of recall.”

It’s really scary to think that Gableman was the voice of reason in that room at that moment.

It would not be surprising if the Democrats would not welcome a recall attempt of Vos. If successful, it would open up the seat for them to run a candidate ahead of of the November elections. If nothing else, it would be a chance for a Democratic candidate to get their name out there. And even if a recall attempt was unsuccessful, it would seriously deplete Vos’s war chest just before the regular election. There’s really no downside for the Democrats if the GQP want to eat their own.

And according to a newly released Marquette University poll, Vos is currently at a 16% approval rating versus a 36% disapproval rating. No wonder he collapsed like a house of cards.


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