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Steny Hoyer Drags Lauren Boebert To School, And It’s Brutal

Controversial Rep. Lauren Boebert found herself going head-to-head with Rep. Steny Hoyer during a House Debate, and she was way out of her league. Hoyer has an enviable résumé in politics. In contrast, Bobo had her breasts fondled recently during a musical. She was way out of her league.

“I rise in perplexion, which I assume is an objection,” Hoyer said, adding, “And I ask the gentlelady to yield for a question.”

That procedure was too complicated for Boebert.

“The gentleman’s recognized; it’s not my time,” she insisted.

“I asked you to yield,” Hoyer said.

“I have reserved; you’re free to speak,” BoBo said.

“Yes, I’m asking you to yield for a question,” Hoyer said again (and do y’all know how hard it is to type while I’m LOLing?)

“Sure,” she finally said. “Ask your question.”

“What funds in this bill are used for the purposes that you are opposed to?” Hoyer asked Boebert.

“Sorry, I couldn’t hear the gentleman; I was getting clarification,” the Colorado Republican said. “This is precautionary.”

“Precautionary for what?” Hoyer asked.

The following is one sentence. ONE SENTENCE:

“There are sanctuary city policies that are in place that are allowing the refuge of illegal aliens in this and there is an influx of crime and drugs in these cities and there is no way for these folks to even report what is taking place because they are protected under this fake policy that has been created that is subduing the actual rule of law that we have in the Constitution of the United States,” Boebert said.

“I understand that, but what you’ve said, none of the funds in this bill can be spent for that objective,” he said while dragging her ass to school. “What funds are in this bill that are to be spent for this objective?”

“I have seen this administration use all sorts of funds to protect illegal aliens,” she said.

“Reclaiming my time,” Hoyer said. “There are no funds in this bill to do that. So this is just an opportunity for you to stand and perhaps speak about an important subject; I understand that.”

“But there are no funds in this bill to accomplish that objective,” he continued. “You don’t believe that the chairman would put funds in to accomplish that objective, do you?”

“Do you understand, if we do this amendment, any subject that anybody has an interest in would be subject to such an amendment?” Hoyer asked.

“There are no funds in this bill, Mr. Speaker, for the objective that the lady wants to prevent!” Hoyer concluded.

That had to hurt. Poor BoBo:(


November 2023