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Joe Biden Smacks Peter Doocy: ‘You Don’t Read The Polls!’

The media’s ageism offends me. For the last three years, President Joe Biden has demonstrated through his deeds that he is quite competent and able to handle the demands of the presidency. Yet for the last three years, all we’ve heard is how doddering old Biden is barely getting through the days, is certainly not up to the task of a second term and should step aside for the sake of everyone in the country. No similar concerns are expressed about his opponent, I should note.

Today is no exception. Biden spoke to the press pool on the South Lawn on his way to Marine One, something he rarely does, And of course, Peter Doocy was right there ready for the ambush practically leaping over his colleague who asked a (very relevant) question about why he bombed a Syrian outpost. Spoiler alert: It was because they attacked us.

Enter tall boi Peter Doocy with his aching need to ask two questions.

“Why do you think it is that people should be more concerned about abortion access than your age?” Doocy asked, without a hint of irony.

Biden shot back, “I don’t think it’s a comparable comparison.”

And still, Doocy persisted. To his detriment this time. “Why do you think it is that you’re trailing Trump in all these swing state polls?”

“Because you don’t read the polls,” Biden replied. “I’ll give you ten polls. Eight of them I’m beating him in those things. Eight of them. You guys only do two. CNN and New York Times. Check it out.”

“Check it out,” he repeated. “We’ll get you a copy of all those polls.”

Doocy couldn’t resist a third bite at the apple: “You don’t think you’re trailing in battleground states?”

“No, I don’t,” Biden replied.

And that was that.

You might think that Doocy and others of his ilk would stop for a moment of self-reflection after the Democratic Party cleaned up on Tuesday night. You might think that, given how the polls were off in Kentucky and Ohio and Virginia, that they might not place as much stock in them, no matter how much Nate Silver and Nate Cohn rush to defend them.

You might think that perhaps they’d quit underestimating Joe Biden.

But you’d be wrong.


November 2023