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Dark Brandon to haunt third GOP presidential debate as Democrats celebrate their big night

Joe Biden may be a feeble, addlepated old man who falls off his bike on his way to bingo night at the Ovaltine factory, but Dark Brandon is another story entirely. He’ll eff you up, man. He saw that New York Times/Siena poll on Sunday and, as Joe Biden cowered in fear in his basement, Dark Brandon sniggered derisively and intoned, “Hold my beer—which, as you can see, I’m drinking from the bleached, hollowed-out skull of the last Beltway pundit to underestimate me.”

The Dark Brandon meme—a sly nod to Biden’s entirely unearned reputation for fecklessness in spite of an impressive list of accomplishments—has become an unexpected sensation on social media, and the Biden campaign is taking full advantage.

Ahead of the Republican presidential debate in Miami on Wednesday—and in the immediate wake of yet another impressive Democratic showing at the ballot box—the Biden-Harris campaign is placing Dark Brandon signs around the debate venue to remind Republicans that Joe Biden can never be counted out.

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NBC News:

The Biden-Harris campaign is putting up 1,000 signs featuring the “Dark Brandon” meme around the venue for the GOP presidential debate in Miami today, it said.

The meme is an online image of President Joe Biden with red laser eyes, meant to portray the president as powerful. The name stems from the Republican rallying cry, “Let’s Go Brandon,” which is a euphemism for an expletive against Biden. But White House staffers began embracing the “Dark Brandon” meme last summer, and the president’s re-election campaign has used it as an icon, too.


Biden campaign spokesperson Kevin Munoz echoed Biden’s internet alter ego in a statement: “To Republicans running to strip away abortion rights, gut social security and Medicare, and undermine our democracy: You better watch out, Jack.”


Of course, Donald Trump’s alter ego couldn’t possibly go any darker than what we see every day, unless there’s somehow something more evil than canceling your desperately ill nephew’s health insurance out of spite. What are they gonna say? “Oh, Dark Donny is just regular Donald Trump, but with a greasy black beard and eyepatch he likes to hide his McNuggets in.”

But Dark Brandon just keeps on rolling. As evidenced by Wednesday’s street campaign in Miami, the Biden campaign has fully embraced the meme, and is fundraising off it big-time. In August, Axios reported that the Dark Brandon meme was driving the bulk of the Biden campaign’s merchandise sales, accounting for 54% of the revenue on its online store. And Biden himself hasn’t been above peddling his own swag.

Meanwhile, Dark Brandon returned with a vengeance on social media last night as Democrats once again shocked the legacy media, which can’t seem to fathom why people are coming out to vote against a party that forces children to give birth to their rapists’ babies and wants a venal tub of Crisco to be president again. 

I like the bearded, liberally Photoshopped versions of Dark Brandon the best. But this works, too:

Chocolate chip ice cream has never been this badass:


Joe Biden may be terrified of one-off polls released a full year before the election, but Dark Brandon don’t give a shit:

And sure, Republicans may underestimate Biden, but they also greatly underestimate Americans’ distaste for their policies:

Advice to Republicans? Keep your heads in the sand. Or, even better, in their natural docking stations between your coccyxes and perinea. 

And by all means, keep misdiagnosing the problem:


Also—and this is key—keep underestimating Joe Biden …

See you next year, Republicans. Dark Brandon will be ready. You can count on that much.

Oh, and if you’re keen on supporting Biden’s candidacy, get your Dark Brandon mugs, tees, hats, can coolers, stickers, and more here! I’m drinking out of a Dark Brandon coffee mug as we speak. No malarkey.

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