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Bless Her Heart: Kayleigh Having A Hard Time With Dems’ Big Win

Bless Kayleigh McEnany’s poor old worn-out heart. She just couldn’t do it. Republicans could not give President Joe Biden credit for the stunning wins Democrats garnered under his watch last night, so McEnany added a big-ass spin to it.

Just going to throw this out there first. We won because knuckle-dragging Republicans wanted to yank women’s body autonomy from them — again. We kept telling them to stop that shit, and here we are. Republicans kept insisting that abortion isn’t an important issue to voters. Shut the fuck up. I would say that we should go Lysistrata on Republican men, but I don’t think they’re getting any anyway. And we’re not taking one for the team; thankyouverymuch.

Keep pissing off women. 2024 is right around the corner, and we’re still mad. Ban some more books while you’re at it, geniuses.

People are sick of petty, vindictive politics that comes with a side of political chaos. We voted for President Biden to change the direction this country was going in. He did. He does things quietly instead of starting his own platform to yell at people who are mean to him. He gets shit done.

Back to Kayleigh.

“Republicans, I would argue, have not had a good night since November of 2021 when Glenn Youngkin won,” she said. “It’s been two years since we had a good night in the Republican Party. I think we’re clear-eyed about that.”

Here it comes.

“Message for Democrats, though, after last night, you won in spite of Joe Biden, not because of Joe Biden,” she insisted. “In a political playbook, they’re saying that they’re celebrating in Wilmington, Delaware.”

“They feel vindicated,” she continued. “Biden was basking in the moment, and they were even sending out dark Brandon memes.”

“Do that at your own peril, because Biden is an albatross,” she added. “And last night was not vindication in any way, shape, or form. All right, let’s get to abortion.”

Yes, girl, keep talking about abortion. All of what happened last night will happen again in the Presidential election. Trump credited himself for striking down Roe. He’s very proud of that. In contrast, Joe doesn’t tell women they don’t have the right to choose. He’s very proud of that.


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