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Trump Just Sabotaged The GOP’s Argument That Biden Is Too Old

At his rally to make everyone forget that he is not doing Republican debates, Trump argued that Biden is not too old to be president.

Trump said, “Biden’s not too old. That’s not his problem. He’s too incompetent. He’s not old. So many people. I know a man who fought all his life to make money, and he became a billionaire from 80 to 90. From 80 years old to 90. He made all of his money became a very rich man for his whole life, and he became made all of his money. Some of the greatest leaders in history have been way over 80. Some of the people. I know some of the smartest people.”


Trump is attempting to take the age issue off of the table because if he returned to the White House, he would be past 80 while in office. Of course, Trump doesn’t want age to be an issue, because he is also old.

Donald Trump is back to doing what he does best, which is sabotaging the Republican Party. Republicans and Fox News have been beating the drum that Biden is too old to be president for years. Along comes the leader of the Republican Party who wipes it all away, and argues that the question is actually competence.

If competence decides the 2024 presidential election, Joe Biden will easily win a second term. The competence fight is not one that Donald Trump should want to have with anyone.


November 2023