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Trump Talks About How ‘Busy’ He Was In The White House In 2021

If you thought former President Donald Trump’s day in court would go badly, you were wrong. It went very, very, very, very badly. There are degrees of bad, and the twice impeached, numerously indicted disgraced former President hit peak bad. Trump was already found liable for fraud, so the case has to be made as to how much in penalties the one term President has to fork over.

Trump was sworn in. (It went badly.)

Trump incessantly complained about “Democrat” prosecutors and state attorney generals, who he claimed were “all Trump haters,” that began to “come after” him.

Super Important Warning: Many medical and mental conditions that can cause hallucinations may quickly become emergencies. The individual should not be left alone — and should not be left on the stand under oath. I’m guessing that last part, K? Contact your healthcare provider, go to the emergency room, or call 911 or the local emergency number.

Trump, at another point, was asked about his 2020 Presidential election loss by state lawyer Kevin Wallace amid reviewing the former President’s financial statements, The Hill reported.

“I was so busy in the White House,” he said when asked about the Trump Organization’s 2021 statements of financial condition, calling his priorities “China, Russia, and keeping our country safe,” apparently unaware of who the fuck was the President in 2021.

“Just to clarify the record, you weren’t president in 2021, were you?” Wallace asked.

“No, I wasn’t,” said Trump, who lost the 2020 election to now-President Biden after being curb-stomped on Election Day. Trump left the White House in disgrace on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 2021, after trying to incite an insurrection.

This is why Trump’s enablers bring up President Biden’s mental acuity. Biden is fine; he has the olds, but he’s okay. Biden is nearly 80 years old and rides a bike. I’m 65, and I am the most ungraceful thing you’ve seen in high heels or sneakers. Or barefoot. The last time I rode a bike, I had to carry it home with the wheel — and my black eye (that was the result of me faceplanting after going over the handlebars.)

Trump, on the other hand, says in one breath that he was the President in 2021, and then in another, says he wasn’t. You can have that guy or a guy who is accident-prone.


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