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Tommy Tuberville Finally Gets The Arse Whooping He Deserves

Tommy Tuberville, a half-witted football coach who doesn’t know how many branches of government there are and thinks “white nationalists” are good Americans, has spent eight months blocking all military promotions because he hates women–and the fact they might exercise their right to reproductive autonomy without asking for his coaching on the matter.

Finally, the dam on the GOP side seems to have broken. The other night GOP senators such as Joni Ernst and Dan Sullivan ripped into Tuberville, making it clear they were sick of his shell game. That the military is losing readiness and personnel because of his abuse of the power of a hold.

Will nine of them be willing to join 51 Democrats and change this rule so we don’t have episodes like we did in August–when the Army, Navy & Marines were all without leadership? Let’s see.

They are Republicans, after all.

Still, it was cathartic (and at times fun) to see so many Republicans finally ripping Tuberville–or as Cliff Schecter called him “if an episode of Hee-Haw was elected U.S. Senator”–for what can only be called treasonous behavior, an attack on our military as wars are raging in Eastern Europe and the Middle East that threaten to engulf the world. Not to mention the insurrection going on at home–of which Tuberville was very much a part.

Hmm…perhaps that explains it all. Watch Cliff Schecter’s outstanding video on this whole shameful episode with some laugh lines guaranteed, and then subscribe to his Youtube channel for more content like this.


November 2023