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Buttigieg Responds Perfectly To New House Speaker’s Anti-LGBT Views

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg had a perfect response when Stephen Colbert asked him about working with the new Republican House Speaker, an archaically anti-LGBTQ individual trying to disguise himself as a person. Colbert wondered how Buttigieg would be able to find a way to work with Rep. Mike Johnson.

Colbert was referring to a column CNN unearthed in which Johnson claimed in 2004 that “[e]xperts project that homosexual marriage is the dark harbinger of chaos and sexual anarchy that could doom even the strongest republic.”

“I will work with anybody who can help us make good transportation available to the American people,” Buttigieg told Colbert on “The Late Show.” “But I don’t know, maybe we’ll just have him over ’cause our little house isn’t that far from the Capitol.”

Buttigieg shares twin toddlers with his husband, Chasten, who are both Christians.

Buttigieg explained what a typical day in his home was like, with one bringing the kids home from daycare, diaper changes, and a chaotic rush to get their kids fed dinner. You know, the usual household of parents with toddlers. And all of that is before you give them their baths — just after they rubbed chicken nuggets all over their Spiderman shirts.

“Everything about that is chaos,” Buttigieg said, “but nothing about that is dark.”

Indeed. And I wonder what “experts” Johnson was referring to. Did one of their names rhyme with Smat Sobertson, by any chance? And where is this sexual anarchy the gays were supposed to be responsible for? I’m not asking for any particular reason. Stop looking at me like that! You people’s minds are in the gutter. I was just curious.


November 2023