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James Comer discovers another smoking water pistol

On Wednesday morning, Rep. James Comer announced that he had found proof that President Joe Biden had taken $40,000 in “laundered China money.” He accompanied this latest addition to his arsenal of smoking guns with charts and incendiary language about “blackmail” and “shady business.”

What Comer didn’t find was any evidence of an actual crime by Biden or anyone else. Instead, as his own diagrams show, these appear to be normal business transactions made among six different individuals and business entities at a time when Biden and everyone else in his family did not hold any public office.

As he has demonstrated on so many other occasions, Comer’s statement reveals nothing except that his investigation into Biden’s finances is both pointless and hollow. It’s appropriate that he’s releasing this latest “bombshell” on el Día de Muertos because this whole story is so, so dead.

The latest smoking squirt gun involves a check that came to Biden on Sept. 3, 2017. At that point, Biden wasn’t in office, wasn’t running for office, and no one had any reason to think he would ever again be in office. That’s when the $40,000 check came to Joe Biden from his brother James.

That check was labeled “loan repayment.” But according to Comer, it doesn’t matter if it is, because “it still shows how Joe benefited from his family cashing in on his name—with money from China no less.”

The oh-so-smoky check.

To reach his conclusion about this payment from Biden’s brother, Comer backtracks through a company partially owned by James and Sarah Biden, then to a company partially owned by Hunter Biden, then to another company partially owned by Hunter Biden, then to a wire transfer from a Chinese company on Aug. 8, 2017.

What Comer means by “laundered” is that people got paid, gave other people the money that they owned, and took care of their finances. It’s literally a game of six degrees of separation. By this standard, any payment made to anyone under any circumstances could be said to be money laundering.

Take, for example, James Comer. Before coming to Congress, Comer spent 12 years as a director at South Central Bank. That bank claims to have over 50,000 customers and $1.6 billion in assets. By the standards now used by the House Oversight Committee, every paycheck Comer received could be considered money that was “laundered” for any one of them. Or for the people who paid them. Or the people who paid them. Or the people who paid them. Or the people who paid them.

The truth is that the House Oversight Committee has had all these records for the better part of a year. Comer has been dropping his little so-whats since at least March, mostly at times when Fox News desperately needs something else to talk about. Something other than, say, Donald Trump’s children lining up to be witnesses in a massive fraud case.

No Republican would dare suggest looking into the $2 billion given to Jared Kushner after he made multiple visits to Saudi dictator Mohammed bin Salman while serving in the White House. But the standard Comer is applying now suggests that no one in the Biden family is allowed to work, make an investment, or accept a dime for their services. Even those who have never held office. Even in times when Joe Biden doesn’t hold office. It also demeans the work of everyone in Biden’s family to the status of “cashing in on his name.”

It’s safe to say that’s something Comer’s family won’t be doing. Then again, maybe it’s time to start looking into just how Comer’s relatives do make a living. Surely everything they’ve ever done needs to be looked into, even before Comer was elected to Congress. Seems only fair.

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