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Charlie Kirk’s New Low: Ukraine ‘Represents The Trans Agenda’

It’s astonishing how much hatred Kirk spewed for his fellow Americans in his completely made-up “analysis” of Democratic positions on Israel and Ukraine.

Apparently, Kirk got his MAGA knickers in a twist because some Democrats have called for a ceasefire in Gaza but not Ukraine. Or maybe he’s just trying to rile up support for Speaker MAGA Mike’s rejection of Ukraine aid. Whatever the reason, Kirk’s screed must have made delighted the Kremlin.

As he sat near a poster exhorting viewers to love America, Kirk offered up his evidence-free explanation for the Democratic dichotomy. “It’s because Ukraine represents the trans agenda and the western agenda,” he said emphatically. He called Ukraine a “mascot” and a “symbol no different than the trans flag, the BLM flag.”

“Ukraine is a meeting point of all the garbage, rubbish-filled, Western postmodern ideals that we teach our kids and they will not surrender it,” Kirk said.

Last I checked, Ukraine is seen as a bulwark against Russian aggression that 16 other countries plus the EU agree is worth protecting. Also, Russia invaded Ukraine. Unlike Gaza, Russia is not enduring the kind of mass casualties and humanitarian disaster happening to Palestinians. However you feel about either conflict, neither has anything to do with trans rights, Black Lives Matter or the western agenda Kirk obviously conflates with woke-ness.

If Charlie feels so strongly about the need for unwavering, uncritical support for Israel, he can always suit up and join the Israeli Defense Forces. But we know he won’t. There’s probably no cause that would motivate him to give up his cushy hate-for-profit desk job and put his fanny on the line.


November 2023