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It’s An ‘All-Out Attack On My Pillow’ Whines Mike Lindell

Usually, you’d laugh at pillow salesman Mike Lindell with his fact-free claims while looking like he’s one week away from walking around with a drool cup. However, in January 2021, the pillow guy was seen walking into the White House with some notes. One of them read, “Martial law, if necessary.” Yeah, so fuck that guy and his lumpy pillows.

On Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast, Lindell expressed his displeasure that Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski has been mocking his shitty pillows, so Sloppy Steve played a clip of that.

“Those attorneys are currently defending (ineligible) the pillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell, and his business against defamation claims from voting machine companies and Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems along with the third lawsuit brought by a former Dominion employee,” Mika said.

Bannon said he was expecting a different clip, and asked Lindell why they were mocking him.

Lindell alleged on the famous hard-right-wing podcast that they want to destroy his pillows because they want to silence his voice.

“But I will never stop talking, by the way,” then he directed people to go to his site to buy pillows and said, “But this is it’s an all-out attack on My Pillow.”

Or, and stay here with me for a second, a large majority of this country isn’t pleased with a man who tried to steal an election for a billionaire to give more tax cuts to his rich pals. They don’t want to stuff their hard-earned dollars into a fucking lunatic’s pockets who tried everything possible to turn the election over in Trump’s favor. That’s called the free market, buddy.


October 2023