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GOP House Shouts Down THE Inconvenient Question

The latest chapter is the continuing House Speaker debacle has little-known Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) claiming the chance to become House Speaker should Republicans finally get their shit together and give one of their own at least 217 votes. And it looks like he very well could. For the MAGA crowd, he supports Trump, voted to overturn or at least object to election results in Arizona and Pennsylvania, is skeptical about supplying aid to Ukraine, and probably would shut the government down. And for the more traditional Republicans, he’ll do things in a set procedure, without all the screaming and arm-flailing of a Jim Jordan, giving them at least the appearance of a functioning political party instead of the bunch of right-wing anarchists that they’ve looked like recently (and most certainly are anyway).

We’ll find out later today if Johnson becomes Speaker or not, but one thing for certain that they don’t want to talk about is Mike Johnson’s role in trying to overturn election results.

Source: Newsweek

Republicans shouted and drowned out a reporter who attempted to question Mike Johnson about his involvement in trying to overturn the 2020 election.

The representative for Louisiana was selected by Republicans as their latest nominee for speaker of the House of Representatives on Tuesday night after three rounds of voting, and fielded questions from reporters in a press conference.

But some questions were less well-received than others.

When ABC News congressional reporter Rachel Scott began to ask: “You led the effort to overturn the 2020 election results, do you…” she was cut off by booing Republicans. She also tried to ask if he would support more aid to Ukraine and Israel.

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert shouted: “Oh God,” while Virginia Foxx of North Carolina shouted: “Shut up, shut up!”.

“Go away! Go away!” another member shouted.

Johnson himself shook his head and said: “Next question.”

And it’s little wonder they don’t want to talk about it, because although Johnson and the rest of the six in the last round were all election-deniers, Johnson went even further than the rest of them.

In December 2020, Johnson gathered 105 colleagues to support an amicus brief backing Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s lawsuit seeking to invalidate the then President-elect Joe Biden’s wins in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Which was such bullshit even this Supreme Court declined to hear the case.

So that’s where we’re at. A (probable) House Speaker who doesn’t believe in American elections and will, given the opportunity, try to overturn election results through the courts.


October 2023