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AOC and The Daily Show poke fun at the sad state of Republican affairs

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went on “The Daily Show” Monday to talk about immigration and the need for more comprehensive reform that creates real pathways to citizenship. Asked about the House’s vacant speakership and who she would be voting for, Ocasio-Cortez joked she wouldn’t be voting for any of the numerous Republicans throwing their hats into the ring.

On Monday, the show tweeted a video of Ocasio-Cortez responding to a montage of House Republican interviews, which play behind her. Interviews with people like Rep. Austin Scott telling CNN the speaker debacle “[m]akes us look like a bunch of idiots” and Rep. Mike Lawler calling his party “a clown show” received nods of agreement from AOC, who ended the segment on a positive note, saying, “At least they’re saying some things that I think we can all finally agree on.”

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One of the many things being exposed by the most recent Republican fiasco is how few elected officials they have who are even remotely palatable as leaders. At the start of writing this story, the very ambitious Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota was at the top of the dunghill we call the Republican speaker brawl. But the fact that he hadn’t shown an ability to get more votes than Rep. Jim Jordan, a guy who has multiple accusations that he was complicit in the cover-up of sexual molestation of male athletes under his charge when he was a wrestling coach at Ohio State University, didn’t bode well for him.

Reporter Jake Sherman reports that Emmer has now dropped out of the race for speaker.

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