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Time For ‘Biden 18’ To Switch Parties To Save The Country

The country has watched the ridiculous Speaker debacle go on for three weeks. They nominate people and then fail to unite behind them. We’ve seen Kevin McCarthy booted, Steve Scalise defeated before he even got a vote, Jim Jordan defeated (thankfully) and now Tom Emmer never gets to a vote.

Always behind the scenes, shadow presidents Steve Bannon and Donald Trump are pulling the strings against Scalise and Emmer while pulling for Jordan.

It is time to admit the House Republicans cannot govern and do not deserve the majority. And it’s time for the Republicans elected in Biden districts to switch parties and give Democrats the majority. Today.

This isn’t difficult. They make a deal with Hakeem Jeffries for whatever they really want. Maybe they want the DCCC to back them in 2024, maybe they want a plum committee assignment, maybe they have legislation they want to move. Whatever it is, now is the time for them to get it and leave the party who can’t shoot straight govern behind.

I can hear the murmurs now about welcoming Republicans into the Democratic Party. But putting Democrats in the majority now means the government can continue to operate without shutting down and work can actually be done on the important appropriations bills pending.

All of us see that Republicans can’t govern and don’t really want to. As long as they don’t have a Speaker, no progress is made and we’re hurtling toward a shutdown on November 17th — the goal of many Republicans. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Their goal is not progress, it’s stopping everything.

Republicans don’t care that the world is blowing out right now. They’d much rather be purity ponies and toadies to Trump than actually govern.

Last Friday, I went on Hal Sparks’ show and made this argument. I also made it on our MOMocrats podcast later that day. If you’re reading this and your representative is on the list below, call them and demand they change parties for the good of the country and their own futures:

David Schweikert – AZ-01
Juan Ciscomani – AZ-06
John Duarte – CA-13
David Valadao – CA-22
Mike Garcia – CA-27
Young Kim – CA-40
Michelle Steel – CA-45
Don Bacon – NE-2
Tom Kean – NJ-7
Nick LaLota – NY-1
George Santos – NY-3 (This one is one we don’t want)
Anthony D’Esposito – NY4
Mike Lawler – NY-17
Marc Molinaro – NY-19
Brandon Williams – NY-22
Lori Chavez-DeRemer – OR-5
Brian Fitzpatrick – PA-1
Jen Kiggans – VA-2

Unfortunately, I think David Valadao and Mike Garcia are just fine with pretending they’re “moderates” while being as Trumpy as the Trumpiest. We don’t need George Santos in Congress at all, much less in the Democratic Party. But I think there are at least 5 on that list who could be convinced to make the jump rather than lose their jobs.

It’s time for that to happen.

Me on Hal Sparks:

Or you can watch me on the MOMocrats making the same argument:


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