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Prosecutors Tease London Incident Connected to Jonathan Majors Case

Jonathan Majors’ ongoing New York domestic violence case now involves police from across the pond.

In a 115-page motion filed last week, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office revealed it has obtained a London Metropolitan Police report about a September 2022 incident that is relevant to their case against the actor. The motion notes that the London records have to do with a “Molineux incident,” a possible reference to the English soccer stadium.

Prosecutors say that they have obtained medical records and treatment information for a woman connected to the incident, but they did not provide further details on what happened or who was involved.

The revelation is among the new details prosecutors shared in their Oct. 13 response to a defense motion to dismiss the charges against Majors, who has denied any wrongdoing. On Wednesday, a judge is expected to rule on that motion, deciding whether or not to toss the case against Majors, which involves a March 25 dispute in downtown Manhattan. Prosecutors allege that Majors “stuck, shoved,” and kicked his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, causing an injury to her right middle finger during an incident that began around 12:40 a.m. in downtown Manhattan.

In a criminal complaint, Gabbari claimed that Majors grabbed her arm, placed it behind her body, and used his right hand to twist her right arm and finger. Majors then allegedly hit her across her right arm and caused a “laceration” before he pushed her into a car with both hands.

The Messenger reported on Tuesday that 30-year-old Jabbari will be charged with assault for her own alleged role in the incident and is expected to voluntarily report to the New York City Police Department to receive a desk appearance ticket. In June, The New York Times and Insider also reported that police had evidence that suggested Jabbari was the one who attacked Majors.

Majors filed a domestic violence NYPD complaint against his accuser in June, in which he insisted that he was the one who was assaulted that night.

In the October motion obtained by The Daily Beast, the DA’s office said that if police did decide to arrest Jabbari over Majors’ allegations in the cross-complaint, it would decline to prosecute those charges. “A thorough investigation was conducted into the facts of this case and, in doing so, the People have chosen to prosecute Jonathan Majors,” the motion says. “Simply because defense counsel does not agree with the People’s use of prosecutorial discretion, it does not follow that an investigation was not conducted.”

Prosecutors also provided a long list of evidence they’ve uncovered, including interviews with 11 witnesses, phone records, medical records, bodycam videos, surveillance footage from nine locations, and the London Metropolitan Police report.

“People have made diligent good faith efforts to obtain medical records from London related to an incident that occurred in September 2022. These medical records are not in the People’s custody and control and are related to a Molineux incident,” the motion states. “People have made diligent good faith efforts to obtain medical records related to subsequent treatment obtained in the United Kingdom.”

The motion also accused Majors’ legal team of misconduct, alleging defense lawyers have leaked court evidence and provided the NYPD with a photo of Jabbari for a “wanted flyer.” Defense lawyer Priya Chaudhry declined to comment on the latest motion.

Previously, Chaudhry and her legal team have gone to great lengths to prove Majors’ innocence in the court of public opinion. She has released surveillance video of Jabbari allegedly at a club after the alleged assault and released text messages that Chaudhry claimed provided context and cleared Majors.

The defense also previously told The Daily Beast that Majors was the true victim of the assault and that when her client showed responding officers his injuries that night, they “taunted him.” (She has not provided any further details into this alleged officer-related incident, and the District Attorney’s office previously denied comment.)

“This is a witch hunt against Jonathan Majors, driven by baseless claims,” she said in May.


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