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Stable Genius: ‘Republicans Eat Their Young’

On Saturday, the Stable Genius posted a video on Truth Social [sic] in which he gripes about and insults several of his fellow Republicans before he complains that the Party is not unifying. He said that the Republicans “eat their young:”

I understand candidates that are losing by 57 to 70 points are getting together with RINO Paul Ryan, mitt the loser Romney, Bill no guts or no talent Barr, and some broken political investors that will soon come to me, as most others already have. These failed candidates should have started by campaigning effectively, which they didn’t because they really don’t have the skill or the talent to do so. Romney, who today couldn’t get elected dogcatcher in the great state of Utah, should have beaten an absolutely failed first term obama. Should have beaten him very easily. If he and RINO Paul fought as hard against Obama as they do against President Donald J. Trump, they would never have lost. They would have beaten Obama. But remember, Republicans eat their young. They really do. They eat their young. Terrible statement, but it’s true. And that’s the problem with so many in our party. They just don’t have the loyalty and the strength to stick together. They go after people who are on their side rather than the radical left Democrats that are destroying our country. These people are losers, and the Republican nation must stop following their failed ideas and policies. They only help the worst president in the history of the United States. The most corrupt president. The most incompetent president. Crooked Joe Biden. We don’t want to help him. We have to get him out of office. The Republican Party should unify and they should unify fast. We need Joe Biden out of there. He’s destroying America. Thank you very much.

Eat their young? Is he channeling his inner Kronos?

Most people agree that the phrase was supposed to be eat their own, which would make more sense and be much less repulsive.

Some have attributed Trump saying “eat their young” to simply misreading the teleprompter. But that doesn’t really make sense since he wrote the same thing on the misnamed Truth Social.

In reality, it was probably just a malapropism, which Trump has been known to do, such as “covfefe.”

The only question is are these because he’s not very stable and/or very genius.


October 2023