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Kaitlan Collins Confronts Pence On Support For Jim Jordan As Speaker

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins actually gave former VP and invertebrate Mike Pence some push back when he claimed that MAGA seditionist whackaloon Gym Jordan would be “an outstanding Speaker of the House.”

Here’s some of their exchange from Collin’s show this Friday:

PENCE: Jim Jordan would be an outstanding Speaker of the House. He is a principled conservative, just as Steve Scalise is.

And at a time, when we see war, raging in Eastern Europe, the worst attack on the Jewish state of Israel, since its refounding in 1948?


PENCE: Challenges, here at home, in our economy, a crisis at our border? The American people want to see the Republican Conference come together, elect a Speaker, and get back to work.

COLLINS: Well, it’s interesting to me to hear you say that that Jim Jordan would be a great Speaker, given he was someone, who sent a text, to the Chief of Staff on January 5th, that outlined for you to violate the Constitution, and block the certification of the election. I mean, do you really believe that’s someone, who should be third in line to the presidency?

PENCE: I have immense respect, for Jim Jordan. He’s a man of integrity. And I’ve known him, for many years. I was not aware of his opinion, going into January 6th.

COLLINS: So, that doesn’t bother you?

PENCE: My interaction, with Congressman Jordan, in December, was simply over the legitimate objections, that members of Congress were permitted to file, under the law. But look, we may have a difference of opinion, about my duties, under the Constitution that day.

But I’m very confident that if Jim Jordan becomes Speaker of the House, that he’ll lead with integrity. And the most important thing is that the Congress come together, the Republicans come together, and elect the Speaker.

After more babbling from Pence, Collins told him it was “remarkable” to hear him “say that about Jim Jordan” before moving onto the next topic.

Sadly, she didn’t also bring up the sex abuse scandal at Ohio State, or the fact that Jordan was enabling the people that wanted to hang him on January 6th.

As usual, we can always count on jellyfish Pence to give deference to his fellow Republicans that have done even more damage to the country than he has.


October 2023