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ICYMI: Who’s leading the GOP? Your guess is as good as theirs

Who’s leading the House GOP? Your guess is as good as theirs

It’s been a week and a half since Kevin McCarthy was ousted as House speaker. Still, Republicans failed to elect a new House speaker, and they didn’t even come close. Rep. Steve Scalise got his conference’s nod in a 113-99 vote over Rep. Jim Jordan, but with Republican Freedom Caucus nihilists refusing to budge, he never came close to the 217 votes he needed to secure the job. Rather than try to negotiate a deal with Democrats, he quit his bid on Thursday. It is no surprise that the Republican civil war took center stage this week, with a series of fumbles and embarrassing headlines:


This isn’t a joke: Donald Trump boasts of support from Hannibal Lecter at campaign rally

Another Donald Trump speech has left us with serious questions about his grip on reality.

Ukraine Update: Russia suffers catastrophic losses in two ill-fated attacks

Russia’s effort at a major land grab hit the brick wall of Ukrainian resistance. Ukraine claims hundreds of Russian vehicles destroyed over the past couple of days, many of them visually documented in that story and its follow-up.

Former Pence aide says Trump is a phony Christian who ‘disparaged’ his supporters in private

While it’s always been glaringly obvious that Donald Trump is a fake populist and fake Christian, it’s still nice when Republicans–especially those who worked in his administration–come forward to confirm it.

Nom nom nom leopard ate face of this former Trump-supporting conservative writer

A Trump-loving conservative writer now admits that Trump is destroying the Republican Party. People tried to warn him, but he knew better! And now his party is suffering the consequences.

Rumors swirl over DeSantis’ cowboy boots on Trump social network

We have a lot of questions about what’s going on inside these DeSantis boots, which Donald Trump is gleefully spreading rumors about.

Tommy Tuberville calls the cops over a mean tweet

This freakin’ guy called the cops on a retired general. Seriously.

Leopards ate face of Republicans who recruited Kennedy to run for president

Steve Bannon spent months recruiting conspiracy monger Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as a “chaos agent” in the Democratic primary. But Kennedy spent all summer touring conservative media, building support among Republicans, and now having failed in the Democratic primary, he is an independent candidate for president (where his bid launched with absolutely hilarity). Deliciously, all the chaos is happening on the Republican side.

We don’t talk about Leonard: The man behind the right’s Supreme Court supermajority

We are still in awe of this ProPublica report on the driving force behind the corruption of the Supreme Court.

We don’t talk about Leonard: The man behind the right’s Supreme Court supermajority

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