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Biden’s Strong Israel Response Has Republicans Reeling

Republicans thought they would politically benefit from the Hamas attack on Israel, but on Sunday, Nikki Haley showed that Biden’s response left the GOP with nothing.

On CNN’s State of the Union, Haley couldn’t criticize Biden on Israel, so she changed the topic to Iran:

What did Biden do? Biden turned around and fell all over himself to get into the Iran deal. Obama did it before that you gave all of this money. And what did you do? You empowered Iran to go and strengthen Hamas, strengthen Hezbollah, strengthen the Houthis to spread their terrorist activity. We went and strengthened those sanctions and decimated Iran’s economy. And what happened, Biden has loosened the sanctions. Now, we’ve got the fact that he gave 6 billion in hostage money. Ok. Now you’ve frozen it.

But we have all these American hostages, what they’re going to want if you gave them 6 billion for five people and released hostages, guess what? They’re going to be asking for all these others that we have. So we’ve created this scenario where you’ve given Iran the Iranian regime too much power and too much pulling to be able to do this. We’ve got to be strong. We’ve got to have Israel’s back and remember as awful as these images are and we have the back of Israel because they’ve been hit terribly.


Republicans thought that they were going to politically benefit from the war in the Middle East, but Biden’s response has been so strong that the so-called foreign policy expert in the 2024 Republican presidential field has to change the subject to Iran and start talking about the Iran nuclear deal while lying about the $6 billion that Trump approved in Iranian oil sales that Biden restricted to use for third party administered humanitarian aid.

Politically on the domestic front, Biden has taken the issue away from Republicans, whose party is being led by Donald Trump who praised the intelligence of Middle Eastern terrorists.

This issue has not gone the way Republicans thought it would, and it is on the verge of backfiring on the GOP.


October 2023