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George Santos’ Meltdown Over Israel Seems As Fake As His ‘Jew-ishness’

You can understand why George Santos is a bit on edge right now, considering he just got hit with 10 new federal charges, bringing the total to 23. They include wire fraud, aggravated identity theft and conspiracy to commit offenses against the United States. Or maybe the horrific Hamas attack on Israel spurred him to pretend to be Jewish or “Jew-ish” again.

In any event, if ever there was a display of solidarity with Israel that looked as phony as his $199.99 expense receipts, this eruption fits the bill.

It started when Santos left Rep. Tim Burchett’s office holding a mystery baby he suggested might soon be his.

Shortly thereafter, he was accosted by protesters asking about the “ongoing genocide of Palestinians by Israelis.” However, as the above video makes clear, the protester was neither loud nor threatening.

But fake Jew (and fake so many other things) Santos threw what sure looks like a performative hissy fit. He began shouting at the protester, who never raised his voice, and calling him a “terrorist sympathizer.” After accusing the protester of invading his personal space, Santos got so close with his pointed finger that a Capitol Hill officer stepped between them. Santos repeatedly yelled that the protester is “human scum” and “You have no business in this building defending terrorism.”

In a moment of unintentional irony, Santos also yelled, “It’s abhorrent that you are in this building!”

However you feel about Israel or Palestine, it’s hard to believe the guy who allegedly stole from the GoFundMe of a disabled vet’s dying service dog cares about much more than where his next swindle is coming from. Or, given his recent legal woes, how to escape his own tangled net of lies.

But here’s the thing. Whatever he truly believes or not, Santos was able to successfully grab the limelight in a way I’m sure he thought made him look like he has a shred of decency – while also avoiding questions he probably did not want to answer.

That’s spot on. However, I do quibble with the last sentence. I believe these kinds of stunts should be reported, but put in context of the larger picture.

Correction: I previously misstated the number of Santos’ new criminal charges.


October 2023