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Dear Mike Huckabee, You’ll Lose When You Mess With Fetterman

John Fetterman keeps tearing Republicans apart – it’s hilarious. Recently on Stephen Colbert’s show, he mocked the intelligence of Republicans in Congress, saying it was quite clear to America they “weren’t sending their best and brightest.”

This apparently greatly upset Mike Huckabee, most known for having a son who tortured dogs, stealing everything from the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion that wasn’t nailed down getting sued for trying to keep people off a public beach abutting his property in Florida and losing every presidential race he entered.

Yes, he’s a jackass. Worse yet, he makes the worst uncle jokes in the world, and thinks he’s funny. So in his weak response, even going so far as to try and insult Colbert as “not funny” (which is like Kid Rock calling someone unbathed), he tried to call Fetterman stupid. How he doesn’t know you don’t mess with Fetterman yet, well, I don’t know.

Fetterman responded hilariously, not by torching Mike, but his horrible daughter Sarah Sanders Huckabee, who is theoretically the Governor of Arkansas. He went straight for a growing scandal where it seems quite clear she stole taxpayer money and tried to launder it through the purchase of a lectern (from a friendly GOP consultant, of course).

The lectern cost NINETEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. I’d love to know what a $19,000 lectern does. Does it fly? Can it tell us the meaning of life? Does it know when Ben Shapiro will reach puberty?

In any case, watch this hysterical video by Cliff Schecter’s and subscribe to his great YouTube Channel for more hilarious and hard-hitting content like this.


October 2023